Solo Dance / Modern Line

Learn west coast, funky, salsa or pop choreo's etc and dance solo to improve your technique and/or fitness without a partner. 

Solo dance/modern line dance is a prescribed dance to matching modern music with the advantage that you dance alone, but still in a group.  The choreos will be read by Arnold van der Veen, World Champion line and couple dance 2014 at the WorldCDF.  After learning the choreo, you can work on your technique and condition to music.  You can also amply practice all dances that are taught weekly during the social free dance evenings.  

We are a group of dancers where fun and fun are paramount.  Through ample calm explanation of a dance, dance experience is not a requirement.  Our goal is that after a night of dancing with us, people leave the room with a good feeling and a smile on their face.  We are not competition dancers (anymore), and it is not our goal, but we do use dances/choreos that are approved all over the world, so that you can dance the learned dances anywhere in the world…

Songs from artists that we use during the dance class:

- Savage love - Jason Derulo.

- Shivers - Ed Sheeran.

- Despacito - Luis Fonsi.

- Senorita - Shawn Mendes.

- And much much more.... 



When do we dance?



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Cost : 50 euros pp per block.


Sorry, but we are currently full at the Solo Dance.  Of course we would be happy to explore possible options with you.  So if you are interested, just send us a message.